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  • Yellowstone Field Report: October 2017

    Published: Oct 30, 2017

    When I think about Yellowstone (or as I call it, “the park” pronounced with my finest Boston accent), a rush of anxiety is usually what comes first to mind. I get so overwhelmed when I think about visiting that, if I have a say, the only time I will visit the park is early May or late October.

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    Yellowstone National Park Geysers steaming on a cold October morning
  • Why I love Film

    Published: Oct 12, 2015

    The first, real film camera that I received was a Zeiss Ikon Contessa which was given to me by the beloved Saad family. It’s compact with a non-interchangeable 45mm lens. The camera is German and was first manufactured in 1950. It’s a metal box in which the lens folds out of the camera to capture images.

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  • Flathead Wild

    Published: Mar 19, 2015

    When I watched Joe Riis scale two thousand feet up a nearly vertical mountain face to place a camera in a narrow break that served as a highway for mountain goats and grizzly bears and Mike Ready zip up his dry-suit and slip under the clear waters of Elk Creek to photograph elusive Cutthroat trout, I was hooked.

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  • Our Generation’s Biggest Challenge

    Published: Mar 15, 2015

    My generation’s biggest challenge is having the courage to change the K-12 public education system. Take old thinking and completely turn it inside out. Analyze what works and create an entirely new system.

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