A concept for a new portfolio

Published: Jun 24, 2020

  • Desktop version of the new portfolio
  • Mobile version of the new portfolio

I took a quick stab at a new UI and design theme for my personal website and portfolio (the site that you’re on right now). I wanted to experiment with a few things: 1) a warm-grey color pallet to continue to include my signature orange accent color, 2) a mix between organic and geometric shapes, and 3) a design more centered around my FCOD (first creation of the day, like this) posts. With the portfolio update on the site, I also plan to use and experiment with a few new technologies. I am beginning to dive into the Tailwind CSS framework which I plan to use to layout this site. Unfortunately, it doesn’t natively support this particular color scheme that I am after. I also plan to build this site on either the Sage Starter Theme framework for WordPress or build this site as a headless site in the Frontity React Framework. I am obsessed with the idea of using a monospace font and a more modern serif font for my portfolio, for obvious developer bonus-points. I decided to go with Sofia Pro and Odisseia. I got inspiration from Filip Justić on Dribble, Iñaki Soria‘s personal site, and Sarah Dayan‘s personal site. I like the design (desktop on the left, mobile on the right), but I will likely continue to wrestle with it for the next few weeks. Besides, this is just a starting point!