Photos from 5 days of off-grid, desert river trippin’

Published: Aug 11, 2020

  • Green River, UT
  • Put in Desolation Canyon, UT
  • Rowing the Green River, UT
  • Finding Shade on the Green River
  • First Camp in Desolation Canyon
  • All smiles in Desolation Canyon
  • Waving while on the river
  • Thumbs up on the river
  • Exploring pictographs
  • Cooking dinner at camp
  • Dutch ovens
  • No fires, but we had lights
  • The floatilla
  • A juvenile black bear
  • Dinner on the boats
  • Last camp
  • The group

Last week I had the immense privilege to go on a river trip with a group of friends in South-Eastern Utah. We floated the Desolation Canyon to Grey Canyon stretch of the Green River. It was an incredibly hot, sunny week for someone like me who is so sensitive to the sun but it was a ton of fun. We had a group of 20 amongst 5 boats, a handful of kayaks, and a standup paddleboard. I picked up a hard-sided, waterproof Pelican case for my camera so that I would be able to take more photos during the trip without fear of getting my camera dirty or wet. It worked great and was far more convenient to take in and out of the case that stuffing a soft bag into a dry bag. It was especially easy because I got the case with the foam insert that I cut out to fit my camera, batteries, and accessories like a glove. I took about 100 photos a day and managed to carry just enough batteries for the whole trip. Trips like these are the best because we get to just leave the cell phones alone. No connection to the outside world, being totally immersed in a brand new landscape, and being surrounded by some great friends is a great recipe for taking lots of photos that I will look back on for years to come.