Pronghorn Advisors is a strategic consulting company based in Bozeman, MT. Pronghorn provides strategic plans, funding solutions, and program management to businesses and non-profits around the area. I worked with Pronghorn to come up with a name for the business, a brand, a few marketing materials and the website. I also provide creative services for Pronghorn’s client list and we are currently working on one project together with the Association of Gallatin Agricultural Irrigators.


The brand for Pronghorn Advisors started with the naming process. The Pronghorn is widely regarded as an animal which is resilient, elegant and intelligent; perfect for a strategy consulting business. The silhouette of the pronghorn itself made for a perfect logo.

Marketing Materials

I designed business cards and a powerpoint template for Pronghorn to go along with the strong colors and striking logo to give striking handouts for clients and presentations.


The website built on a simple, one-page design that matched up with the colors of the brand and the underlying ideas of elegance and intelligence behind the logo. Below are some examples of the layout that was meant to attract clients and showcase facts and figures.


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“Find good clients, they said. It will be easy, they said.”

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