MTB Bozeman was a concept project that was done for school. As I got further into my senior year at MSU I wanted to do more school projects where I could develop my skills and explore new ideas. The goal of the site was to showcase the mountain biking community in Bozeman. I didn’t get to do a lot of interviews before I published it but I like the layout and I was pleased with the end result. I designed the logo, picked the colors and did all of the web design.


I wanted to design a simple brand for the site that was concise and Montana-focused. I picked colors that were bold, a little bit retro and reminiscent of fall, my favorite time of year to ride bikes. I picked fonts available in Google Fonts (who likes paying for licenses anyway?) to make it easier for the project to translate across multiple browsers.
Style guide for the MTB Bozeman project


Part of the assignment for this project was to showcase various types of media. It was a perfect opportunity to include much of the video and photo content that I shoot on various mountain bike rides throughout the season. I also experimented with including audio of the interviews conducted with friends. I also included Strava segments as a fun way to showcase Bozeman trails.


The website built on a simple, one-page design that matched up with the colors of the brand and the underlying ideas of fall and boldness behind the logo. Below are some examples of the layout that was meant to display information easily and showcase various forms of media.
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