Why We Care is a collaborative documentary project between myself and the Montana State Office of Sustainability. The goal of the project is to showcase the diverse viewpoints regarding sustainability on MSU’s campus. We explore the definitions of sustainability, outcomes of sustainability and showcase that virtually everyone on campus is thinking about it in one way or another. The short documentary film, which I am directing and filming, is expected to release in October 2018 while the marketing campaign, which I am providing photography and creative direction for, is expected to slowly release leading up to the film premiere.


The main focus of this project is a short documentary that explores the diverse viewpoints of sustainability on MSU’s campus.

2022 Update: This projects never got off the ground for a variety of reasons. However, I got to work with some good friends and it was a fun experience.


The photography for Why We Care is intended to provide excitement for the film in the weeks leading up to its release. These portraits are going to end up on posters across campus to showcase the individuals that we interviewed.

  • Portrait of Montana State University faculty member
  • Portrait of Montana State University student
  • Portrait of Montana State University faculty member

2022 Note: This was the start of my (very brief) stint as a professional photographer.