Unconventional UI Design

Published: May 20, 2020

Calendar UI mockup

I did a quick Sharpen prompt this morning after a few client phone calls and email responses. The prompt was to create a scheduling app for Tupac Shakur, the infamous rapper. It’s a super fun prompt and I definitely had a smile on my face the whole time. I went for a super simple UI and a simple monochrome color scheme as an homage to the black & white photos that often adorn his album covers. I used the Matrix II font as a tip of the hat to 90’s hip-hop aesthetics. Thanks to designers Adrien Coquet and mikicon on the Noun Project for the icons. I gave myself 15 minutes for this design but I ended up taking a little over 30 for the design and the mockup.

About Sharpen:

Sharpen is a simple idea generator for quick design challenges for branding, marketing, and product/ux. I open it up in the morning on days when I don’t feel like working or I don’t feel particularly inspired. I find that limiting myself to quick 10-25min challenges kickstarts my day and gets my brain moving. I use the same idea generation approach when I am working on my personal projects.