Gallery: Roll of Rollei 400S - Fall 2023

This roll has a little bit of everything since it was sitting in my camera for the better part of 6 months. It starts with some graduation photos for Hannah and her friend Katie in Little Rock, goes up to coastal Maine on a 4th of July trip, moves over to the first few months of us in Hartford, and finishes on a road trip I took through England and Scotland in York, UK. I used my organge (86b) filter for most of these shots and I think I ended up underexposing a lot of them since I wasn't taking the filter into account when metering. Live and learn, I suppose. Looking back on all these memories I forget how much I love this little camera and how I need to take it out more. I really like the look of this Rollei Retro 400S but it does have a tighter dynamic range than the "modern" black and white films I'm used to shooting like HP5 and Tri-X, so it needs to be carefully metered; which I will be sure to keep in mind next time.

Rollei Retro 400S | Olympus OM-1n w/ Zuiko 35mm f/2 lens | Developed by the Camera Bar in Hartford | Scanned with my Fuji XT2 in a Valoi 360 Film Holder